So it’s the final day of  Hyper Japan, I arrive bright and early to avoid all the croweds but I was very lucky to be able to get in and watch all the people as they entered for the third and final day.This is everyone as they arriveToday I got to see the ITK Robot Show and got to see their cool robot hand which is attached to a glove that you put on and the robot copies whatever hand movement you make.Audience members where invited to get up on stage and try it for themselves.Now this is when Hyper Japan official killed my camera, well I suppose it wasn’t actually Hyper Japan but the amount of photos I took with it over the weekend I guess pretty much killed it off. So from now on in I had no way of taking any photos.

A highlightof the final day was the Kawii Star of the year 2011 which went to Scarlett Young she was very sweet as you can see from her photo I borrowed from the Hyper Japan website.She won the grand prize of a trip to Japan (I’m so jealous) courtesy of eTours. Scarlett said that “I live and breathe all that is kawaii! I love cute fashion especially sweet Lolita.” It was a really fun show with a lot of great contestants and everyone seemed to really enjoy the show.

There was so much throughout the weekend that I really enjoyed and I also learnt a lot every now and then I remember something fun that happened. If you never got around to going this year then you really must try to come next year, I know that it seems a very long way off but it soon comes and goes, so do what ever you can to get there.

Hyper Japan was bigger and better than ever this year it was everything I hoped for and more and this event can only get better each year.

Every one in attendance was so nice and was so passionate about Japan and it was so nice to be around people that feel the way I do about all that is Japan. This event proves without a doubt that Japan is a very special place and is like no other place on the planet and for such a small country it is certainly gaining more and more fans across the other side of the world and for a place so far away it certainly has a lot of friends.

That’s Hyper Japan over for yet another year and I would like to thank all the organizers, staff and volunteers that made it all possible and for being so helpful over the weekend and I will be back for more next time.

I will be writing some more articles about some other things at Hyper Japan next month so be sure to check back here soon.


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