Day two of Hyper Japan has to be its busiest day, when I arrived late morning the queues had stretched from the front door to the full length of the street.

This day was my family day I took my girlfriend and my sons so they could see all the fun for themselves. My sons are six and eleven and they both had a lot of fun proving without a doubt that there was something for all ages. My youngest was fascinated by all the people in different cosplay outfits and every now and then he would spot a character he knew. My eldest son loved playing the Nintendo games and also had a game of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Hyper Japan’s second day was probably the best day for cosplay fans as it was the Cosplay Awards 2011 and so there were a lot of people dressed in their best cosplay outfits. I spent most of the day taking photos and talking to various cosplayers.In the photo above you can see just how busy the day was.As this was my day with the family I did not stay for the whole day as the kids soon wore thereselves out by running up and down trying to decide what to go and see next.

Although I did mange to stay long enough to find out that the winners of the Hyper Japan Cosplay Awards 2011 was Benjamin Hunt & Lettie Shiels as Kaoru & Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Don’t forget you can still check out Hyper Japans website to find out more on what went on over the past weekend.

You can see the cosplay event on the video below.

It was a short day for me at Hyper Japan but I still had one more day to get my fix of Japan. I will post experiences of my final day at Hyper Japan on this site tomorrow, until then make sure you have checked out day one and you can see my photos of the weekend here.


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