Over the weekend I attended Hyper Japan at Olympia Two in London. Hyper Japan is the best showcase of all that is Japan in London, it is the biggest event of the year on the Japan lovers diary.
It featured live performances from Japanese celebrities, talks from experts on Manga and electronics with lots of things to do such as playing exclusive games from Nintendo or having your photo taken in traditional Japanese dress. There was also lots of food on offer including sweets from Cyber Candy and many top sushi outlets, there was even a Japanese maid cafe.

My first day at Hyper Japan began with a very funny performance from Japanese comedy duo Jaru Jar100_8647u, this was classic “slap-stick” type humor and had everyone in the crowd laughing continuously throughout the show. This was their first time here in the UK but the performance seemed to go down very well so hopefully they will return to the UK soon and this wont be the only time I will be writing about them.
100_8657If I had any complaint about the performance it’s that it was just too short, however they did take the time to sign a drawing which an audience member had drawn.

After this I took a walk around the many stalls and had a quick go on the 3DS on the Nintendo Unleashed stand,

  and wowed over these amazing figures from Square Enix Products.


I went back to the main stage to watch author Helen McCarthy’s talk about Osamu Tezuka who is the creator of the Manga character Astro Boy as well as many others. I loved her down to earth feel and she really knew her stuff, you could hear that she was very passionate about her subject. If you never managed to see this she has a book out called¬†The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga which if you are in to Manga is very much worth checking out.

After a quick snack it was time to watch the charity performance by Joji Hirota which included the powerful sounds of Taiko drums and gentle sound of the shakuhachi (bamboo flute). The sound of the drums filled Olympia and captivated the audience.

The rest of my day was spent walking around the two massive floors of Japanese goodness meeting other fellow Japan enthusiasts everyone I met seemed friendly and were all having a very good time.

Throughout the day I think I must have walked a thousand miles as I explored all the Japanese wonders Olympia had to offer and when I got home it felt as though my feet were about to fall off. It was an amazing day out and although my day was over I knew I still had two great days ahead of me.

So that was a round up of my first day at Hyper Japan, day two coming soon!

I took so many photos at Hyper Japan far too many to put on this website, if you would like to see more of my photos you can see them here.


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  1. […] of my final day at Hyper Japan on this site tomorrow, until then make sure you have checked out day one and you can see my photos of the weekend […]

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