Now before I go any further I just have to mention that this event is for people aged over 18.

Well it has been a busy time for me over the past couple of weeks, The Love of Japan has had a lot going on with a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and a lot of events all at once. But I’m not complaining I cannot get enough Japanese events over here in the UK so keep em coming people.

So Hyper Japan has sailed off in to the distance for another year, but don’t worry The London Anime Con is here!

Yes if you are already wanting more Japanese goodies then here they are! On the 30th and 31st of July (that’s this Saturday and Sunday) at The Rocket Complex London Metropolitan University is the London Anime Con it’s the place to be this weekend for all Anime and gaming fans, offering a wide range of events including J-Culture Talks, Cosplay Workshops, Card Gaming, Art Stalls and six Video Game Tournaments! All this and a lot more.

If you want the full details check out their website which you can find here.

Now this is the event that never sleeps (well hardly never) starting at Midday and finishing at midnight, so if you live outside of London or far from the event you might have to think about seeking accomodation closer to the venue.

This event looks like a lot of fun and with a lot of hard core fans attending. But don’t worry if you are unable to go as I will be attending and taking a lot of photos and letting you know how it all went.

Remember if you need anymore info check out their site


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