So Hyper Japan kicks of this Friday at London’s Olympia Two. Tickets are still available online here. Hyper Japan is the biggest showcase of all that is Japan here in the UK, from food to performances, art to technology. If you love Japan you MUST attend this event.

This is a quick list of the things I am most looking forward to seeing this weekend.

5. The Japan Media Arts Festival.


The Japan Media Arts Festival will be showing films throughout the day from the 2010 award winners. There will be 16 films shown over the weekend so there will be something for everyone. You can find out for about them here.

4.The UK Kawaii Star of the Year.


Being all about Japan there is going to be a whole lot of “cute” around Olympia Two this weekend but the cutest event of all will probably be The UK Kawaii Star of the Year. Kawaii is a display of all that is cute, sweet, fashionable and lovable.
Votes for the Kawaii Star are still being taken, you can find out more about Kawaii and vote here.

3. Sushi Awards 2011.


You cannot talk about Hyper Japan and not mention the food, with some of the biggest names in Japanese food and drink in attendance and all the stalls offering you something new to try, i guarantee you will find something you will love.
As well as that there is also the Sushi Awards 2011, now you will need a separate ticket for this event but you do get to try the food and help judge the winner. At the time of writing this there were only a few remaining tickets so if your passionate about food click here for tickets and more info.

2. UK Cosplay Award.

It would not be a major Japan event without Cosplay and due to its success last year this year promises to big bigger and better than ever. With contestants from all over the UK this is the biggest Cosplay event in the UK this year. Also you can still apply to be part of this event up until Thursday this week so if Cosplay is your thing then click here for how to apply.

1. ITK Robot Show.


This is number 1 on my list because robots and technology are pretty much what first sparked my interest in Japan and I have always been fascinated by robots. The ITK Robot Show will be showcasing some of its latest developments and innovations such as its myoelectric prosthetic hand (pictured above) and other mechanical and technological gizmos. If you’re a huge gadget freak like me you will have to check this out. More info is here.
So there you have it, what I am looking forward to most this year at Hyper Japan. Are you going to Hyper Japan? What are you most looking forward to? let me know in the comments and if you see me there come and say hello.


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