One of the things I love about Japan is where and how people live. I live in central London which can be a very crowded place to live sometimes and many people like me live in very small houses. I myself live in a studio flat which is basically a large room which is my bedroom and living space with a very small kitchen room and shower/toilet room.

Having such a small a place I have to be creative with storage space and use things like a sofa which folds out to become a bed. Also I try to keep my home as minimalist as possible something that the Japanese have been doing for generations.
As you can see from this tour of a traditional Japanese house.

A good way to learn how to organise space is to take a lesson from the Japanese, not only do they have some of the most confined living spaces in the world but they are very organised and have adapted very well with living in these small spaces with some very ingenious ideas for storage and living.

Below is some examples of space saving Japanese homes.


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