This time last week I was gutted because I had accepted the fact that I would not be attending this years Hyper Japan event. If you dont know what Hyper Japan is check out their website basically Hyper Japan is the biggest event of the year for me.

But then the other day I recived a private message on Twitter from someone asking if I had managed to get tickets yet, I told them I was unable to go. A little while after I recieved an email from them with a Groupon ticket for two people attached.

There is no way of describing how this email made me feel the act of generosity and kindness from a person who is pretty much a stranger to me just overwhelmed me.
The person that sent me the tickets asked me not to mention their name which in a way makes this action even more of a big deal.

I just wanted to write this small post to share with you all this random act of human kindness and to thank the person who acted in this way.

I feel very lucky and feel privileged to know you.
From the bottom of my heart thank you.


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